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We will always take pleasure in publishing and sharing recipe ideas for our products here ... with a name mention of course!

We have a very good friend who's Mum has an incredible gift for seeking out foreign, exotic tales connected to recipe ideas and is happy to share them with us all. Living in Cumbria in a charming cottage she recently fed us warming cups of her own blend of special teas and enchanted us with her wonderful ability to tell a good tale. Indeed, she writes her own culinary columns and has been recently asked to be a critic in the Good Food Magazine, so her name may be familiar to you. Below, courtesy of Georgina Protheroe-Beynon, are a few ideas you may like to try.

A Tip for Pigeons

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If you click on the shop, you will find we sell pigeon breasts already filleted, and whole oven ready pigeon. Should you choose to buy the whole birds but only wish to use the breasts, the carcasses make a wonderful gamey stock when boiled. If you want to casserole a whole bird, please allow 1 and half hours at least - surprising for such a small bird. However, the breasts can be pan fried with Smoked Bacon (From Maynards of course) and should be served quite pink for tenderness.


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