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Here are a few delicious ideas for our mixed diced game ... using seasonally available meats such as pheasant, partridge, venison, rabbit and pigeon.

Game Casserole

Posted by Administrator (admin) on May 21 2008 at 10:16 AM
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Using our diced mixed game, this makes a delicious rich casserole suitable for a dinner party or special weekend meal. (Serves 4)


500g Diced Mixed Game
2 onions, peeled and sliced
1 garlic clove, peeled
3/4 pint of red wine (!)
1 tablespoon tomato purée
1 bay leaf
2 tspns Worcestershire sauce
Salt and freshly ground black pepper
100g stoned prunes (either fresh or soaked overnight)
Cornflour to thicken
100g button mushrooms, trimmed and halved

To Garnish:

Maynards Traditional Dry Cured Bacon, made into rolls as detailed below
Sprigs of parsley (if available)


Heat oil in a flame proof casserole dish and fry the mixed game until sealed. Add the onions and garlic and continue cooking for a few minutes, stirring frequently.

Add the wine and bring to the boil. Stir in tomato purée and the bay leaf, worcestershire sauce, salt, pepper and prunes. Cover tightly and cook in a preheated oven (160 degrees C or Gas Mark 3) for about 2 hours.
Blend the cornflour with a little water and stir into the casserole sparingly, with a little extra stock if necessary and the mushrooms.

Discard the bay leaf, return the casserole to the oven for 15 minutes until the mushrooms are cooked. Serve hot, with the garnish and might we suggest either rice or creamed potatoes with nutmeg?

To Make Garnish of Bacon Rolls

Take some Maynards Traditional Dry Cured Bacon and cut off any rind with kitchen scissors. Stretch out evenly on a board using the back of a knife. This will make the bacon more even and easier to roll - you can always thread them on to skewers prior to cooking to stop them unrolling, (or use a wooden cocktail stick).


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