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Some of these recipes have been supplied by Pubs and Restaurants that we supply - you can actually visit them and test them yourselves!! Remember, Ostrich Meat is a very healthy meat to choose - 85g of roasted ostrich contains 97 calories, as opposed to chicken which contains 140!
Ostrich Casseroles

Ideas for Ostrich Casseroles ... use a red meat that is low in fat and cholesterol to make healthy winter casserole dishes.

Ostrich Fillet Steaks with Nutmeg Creamed Spinach

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This is fast food ... but oh so healthy! If you have never eaten ostrich before, this is the way to savour the tender, succulent meat at its best. The low fat content naturally means that cooking should be quick and the meat should be served pink - it is far better to undercook than overcook an ostrich steak. We personally do cooking demonstrations using nothing more than olive oil, a little sea salt and freshly ground black pepper - and with a quick flash fry the public can see and taste for themselves this delicious delicacy. Here are some more ideas which are just as simple to prepare and do present a lovely dish.

 Ingredients - (Serves four)

2 Ostrich Fillet Steaks
2 portions of Fresh Leaf Spinach, Grated Nutmeg,
4 tablespoons Natural Yoghurt,
Olive Oil and Seasoning

Prepare Spinach for cooking and steam. Puree and add seasoning, grated nutmeg and yoghurt. Reheat but do not boil.
Place olive oil into frying pan and heat to smoking.
Cook Alternative Meats "Ostrich Fillet Steak" to medium rare which will retain the tenderness and natural succulence of the fillet.

Season and serve surrounded by creamed spinach, with sauté potatoes.


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