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Four Legged Friends

Pleasant Pheasant Dishes

Pheasant with Pancetta
We suggest serving with a vegetable in a sauce, such as leeks in white sauce or courgettes in a tomato and oregano bake. MMMMmmm!
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Pheasant Fillets with Honey-Orange Glazed Butternut Squash
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Roast Pheasant with Apricot and Dates
In a small heatproof bowl cover apricots with boiling water and soak for 10mins. Drain apricots and cut into quarters. In a small saucepan simmer the wine, liqueur, lime juice and sugar for 5mins

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Pheasant with Cream and Apples
This recipe came from one of our lovely customers who did not have access to a computer, and painstakingly wrote out the whole recipe by hand for us and posted it to us at the office .... her time and effort is reflected in her culinary skills! Thank you Mrs. Bradley!!
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Tipsy Pheasant Fillets
Using the ready-prepared Pheasant Fillets (four in a pack) makes this a very simple dish to make, and will give four people a decent serving. If you like you can add chestnuts the recipe, making it festive and wintry.
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