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Kangaroo Steaks

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It may sound strange, but believe us they are tasty!!!

Just as Ostrich has been previously described in this book as a low cholesterol, low fat red meat, one can describe Kangaroo in exactly the same way. Although each meat has its place and we personally cook and eat them all, those looking to avoid high fat content in their meals will do well to try Kangaroo.


Always cut across the grain and ensure your steak is at least a finger width deep. Heat some olive oil until hot in a wide base pan, and in the meantime sprinkle the steaks liberally with sea salt and freshly ground black pepper (both sides).

Take the steaks and place in the pan - remember the golden rule for low fat meats is NOT to overcook them. Sear each side and then turn down the heat and cook evenly each side until the meat feels slightly firm to pressure in the centre. If preferred, check by making a small incision in the centre of the steak - no fat will be lost of course - and serve nice and pink if possible. (Rare is just fine!!).... on a bed of mixed rocket and watercress leaves ... mmmm! If you like a little more sophistication, deglaze the pan with a little red wine and some sliced button mushrooms, and pour the sauce over the steaks prior to serving.


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