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Venison Dishes

We thought we would reproduce some of the competition winning recipes here because they may be missed (in Recipes and Tips).

Medallions of Venison with Port and Cranberries

Serves 4 - Combine chicken and beef stocks in a heavy small saucepan and reduce the liquid by half, about 15mins. Read More

Herbed Venison Roast with Raisinberry Relish

Roast: Rub roast with herbs and then wrap it in the bacon ; tie securely. Place on a rack in a shallow roasting pan and baste with pureed raisinberry relish. Place in a... Read More

Venison and Chocolate Sauce

The Chef says: "I love venison fillet, it is lean, tender, naturally reared and so low in fat. So why do I use chocolate with it? Because venison is full of flavours and it will support an assertive sauce. Try it…..see it for yourself, but please use a cooking French or Belgian bitter chocolate ( not a Mars bar ?!). Happy cooking" Read More

Angostura Mince Cobbler

Fry the venison gently in pan, adding a couple of drops of oil if necessary. Add onion and carrots and continue cooking for a few minutes... Read More

Carbonade of Venison

Serves 6 - Take the slices of french bread and spread wholegrain mustard on each slice, placing mustard side up on top of the casserole. Read More

How to Roast Venison

Some general tips and advice on getting the best from your Venison Roasting Joints. Read More

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